Gate “Perfekt” 305cm



Mobile gate systems are indispensable for quickly, easily, and safely capturing cattle. You can quickly and easily construct catch traps, treatment passages, and similar structures according to the changing needs that may arise. The gate height is generously sized to prevent animals from being tempted to jump out of the constructed enclosure. The U-bend on the upper side of the gate’s end tube prevents damage if it were to occur. The gates are assembled with chain locks, making quick and secure connections easier. 10-15 gates are sufficient to build an enclosure capable of accommodating 30-40 animals.

The gates are made of oval-shaped pipes, which are the strongest and most flexible way to manufacture gates that can withstand even large and heavy animals. With gate systems, you can capture cattle, build stalls, paddocks for horses, cattle treatment facilities, and more. Europe’s best-selling gate system, with 300,000 units sold in Germany.