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Portable Wind Shelters for Cattle, Horses, and Sheep from Båghall AB

At Båghall AB, we offer durable and practical portable wind shelters, perfectly suited for cattle, horses, and sheep. Our high-quality wind shelters provide reliable protection and comfort for your animals, while being designed for easy handling and relocation.

Protect Your Animals and Shelters with Our Panel Package

For customers using arched halls for animal husbandry, Båghall AB strongly recommends complementing with our panel package with plywood sheets. This package is specially designed to increase protection and safety – effectively shielding both the hall and the animals from potential kicks.

Features and Benefits of Our Wind Shelters from Båghall AB:

  • Sturdy High-Profile Panel: Made of robust high-profile panels, our wind shelters are self-supporting and built to withstand tough conditions.
  • Easy Assembly: Thanks to a user-friendly design, our wind shelters are easy to assemble, saving both time and labor.
  • Fork Attachment for Smooth Relocation: To enable relocation, each wind shelter is equipped with fork attachments (standard model) on the side, making it easy to move them around the farm.

Båghall AB’s portable wind shelters are the ideal solution to ensure your animals are protected in all weather conditions. Our combination of durable construction and practical design makes these wind shelters a valuable investment for your operation.


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Movable Arch Hall – Flexible and Practical Solution

Discover our movable arch hall – an ideal solution for versatile use. Our arch hall is delivered as a convenient kit, making it easy for you to set up and start using the hall quickly.

Main Features:

  • Robust Construction: Stands on sturdy, hot-dip galvanized base sections for increased durability and stability.
  • Simple Assembly Process: Everything you need for assembly, including bolt sets, is included.
  • Easy to Move: Equipped with fork attachments, our arch hall is easy to move as needed (standard model).
  • Complete Kit: A end gable is included in the standard package for full functionality.


Width: 440 cm – provides plenty of space for a variety of uses.

Height: 330 cm – spacious enough to accommodate tall objects.

Length: From 550 cm and upwards – can be easily customized and extended to the desired length according to your specific needs.

Our movable arch hall is designed to meet a variety of requirements, whether for storage, workspace or other use. It is perfect for those seeking a versatile, durable, and simple solution.

Contact Båghall AB for more information or to place an order. Experience the flexibility and convenience of our movable arch hall today!

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