Sales terms

All goods are delivered with a guarantee that they are free from defects and damage at the time of dispatch. In the event of goods being damaged or lost during transport, the recipient must notify the carrier upon receipt of the goods to obtain compensation. The recipient must verify that the correct goods and quantities have been delivered. Any discrepancies should be reported to FURAB immediately after delivery.


Där icke annat angives, 12 månader från leveransdagen. Alla delar som går sönder på grund av material- eller konstruktionsfel under denna tid ersättes kostnadsfritt men ej fraktfritt. De obrukbara delarna skall insändas till oss för undersökning. Delar som blivit obrukbara på grund av yttre påverkan av djur eller påkörning, ovarsamhet, felaktigt handhavande eller bristande skötsel, ersättes icke. Garantin omfattar ej arbetskostnader för byte av delar. Vitrost på plåt utgör normalt inte orsak till reklamation. Garantin omfattar ej heller ansvarighet för något slag av direkt eller indirekt skada på vare sig person eller egendom, för stillestånd eller för driftsavbrott.

Unless otherwise specified, the warranty period is 12 months from the date of delivery. All parts that break due to material or construction defects during this time will be replaced free of charge but not free of shipping costs. The defective parts must be returned to us for examination. Parts rendered unusable due to external factors such as animal impact, collision, negligence, improper handling or lack of maintenance will not be replaced. The warranty does not cover labor costs for part replacement. Surface rust on metal is not normally grounds for complaint. The warranty also does not cover liability for any kind of direct or indirect damage to persons or property, for downtime, or for operational interruptions.

Returns for Private Individuals (Right of Withdrawal in Distance Selling)

If you wish to cancel a purchase for any reason, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal. Before returning the item, you must inform FURAB via email at To exercise the right of withdrawal, the item must be returned in its original, unopened packaging. The withdrawal period begins when the consumer receives the item. The cost of return shipping is borne by the customer. You also have the right to receive a refund within 14 days if you exercise the right of withdrawal, however, you may have to wait until the item is returned or until you provide proof of return, whichever comes first. FURAB will refund the payment in the same manner as it was made.

M85 4491


Price lists are non-binding on our part, and prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice. All prices are exclusive of value-added tax, packaging, and delivery charges. Late payment will incur interest charges at the current rate of 21.6%.


(SW) In addition, the terms of LANTBRUK 16 – Delivery Conditions for Agricultural Machinery – agreed upon between MBR and LRF apply.