About us

BÅGHALL – Swedish Innovation and Sustainability since Autumn 2022

From a collection of innovative ideas to create cost-effective and sustainable halls, BÅGHALL was founded in the autumn of 2022. Our vision was to combine Swedish quality with material optimization, and the result is a product range that is not only robust and durable over time, but also designed for maximum efficiency.

First-Class Sustainability and Quality Every detail in our arched halls speaks to our commitment to sustainability and quality. By galvanizing all components, we guarantee exceptional resistance to corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan for our products.

Full Control over Production With our entire production in-house, we control every step of the manufacturing process. This not only means that we can guarantee a high-quality standard, but also that we maintain a cost-effective structure. When you purchase directly from us at BÅGHALL, you are buying from the manufacturer.

Present on the Scandinavian Market Our focus is primarily on the Swedish market, but we also take pride in exporting our high-quality products to our neighboring countries in Scandinavia.

Made in sweden


Our business idea:

To be the obvious partner for the professional farming industry, offering efficient systems with the customer placed at the center. Furthermore, we will strive to continuously update our product lines to contribute to a continued strong and sustainable Swedish agriculture.



Om oss på BåghallExtensive expertise and quick decision-making

BÅGHALL is a small family-owned business located in the heart of Skaraborg, Sweden. With a small and flexible organization, the paths to decisions are very short, creating flexibility for us compared to our counterparts in the industry. With an extensive knowledge amoung our employees and suppliers, we can do more than just simply deliver a functional product.



Company information

Invoice & Delivery Address FURAB AB – Kartåsgatan 1 – 53140 Lidköping
Invoice Address / Invoice Inbox info@baghall.se
Telephone (+46) 510-180 00
Organization Number 556901-7022