At Båghall AB, we strive to deliver our arch halls in the most efficient and secure manner to ensure minimal risk of transportation damage and low shipping costs for you as a customer. Our efficient packaging method guarantees that your arch halls will arrive in perfect condition.

Smooth and Convenient Delivery Process:

  • Compact Shipments: Our arch halls are delivered in compact shipments to facilitate transportation and reduce the risk of damage.
  • Reliable Shipping with DB Schenker: We collaborate with the reputable carrier DB Schenker to ensure reliable delivery.
  • Easy Unloading: The packages are designed to be easily unloaded using a tractor or forklift. Please note that DB Schenker normally does not offer unloading services, so this should be arranged by you as the customer.

Weight Information: A standard arch hall weighs approximately 700 kg, which is important to note for unloading arrangements.

Economic Benefits for Larger Purchases:

Cost-Effective Transport: Between 1 to 4 arch halls can be transported simultaneously at no extra cost, making it economically advantageous to plan joint purchases with neighbors or other stakeholders.

Investing in an arch hall from us not only means receiving a quality product, but also benefiting from our optimized and cost-effective delivery solution. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your needs.


For customers who wish to arrange their own shipping, here are the package details:

Standard båghall
Length 4,4m
Width 0,8m
Height 1,6m
Weight 700kg
Stationary båghall
Length 3,5m
Width 0,8m
Height 1,6m
Weight 550kg
Båghall XL
Length 4,5m
Width 0,8m
Height 1,6m
Weight 900kg
  • Package Dimensions: The dimensions of each package vary depending on the size of the arch hall ordered. Please contact us for specific package dimensions for your order.
  • Total Weight: The total weight of each package is approximately 700 kg for a standard arch hall.
  • Handling Instructions: Please ensure that you have appropriate equipment, such as a tractor or forklift, to unload the packages upon delivery. Additionally, make sure to securely fasten and protect the packages during transportation to minimize the risk of damage.

For further assistance or information regarding package details, feel free to reach out to us.