Båghall MINI



Sturdy arc hall standing on a galvanized base construction. Functions excellently as wind protection or shelter for calves, pigs, or sheep. Straight walls allow the area to be utilized optimally and fully. The hall can easily be extended / connected where several mini arc halls form a long hall.

The hall is manufactured in our workshop in Lidköping and shipped all over Sweden. Mini arc halls are manufactured in the color fir green.

A Mini Arc Hall has the following dimensions:

Width Length Height 2.47m 2.55m 1.36m

If an end gable is desired, it is ordered separately.

The hall is prepared with brackets for bolting / anchoring in the ground, which is purchased separately, see our set with ground stakes.

NOTE! The hall can be easily moved with, for example, long forks where the hall can withstand being lifted straight up.

Packaging is not included in the price.

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