Båghall Pine Green Calf-Package

4 094.55


Sturdy free-standing hall with calf front for housing small calves. Simple and cost-effective outdoor animal housing! Our gate package includes the following equipment:

  • 1 standard hall (complete kit with one gable end).
  • All steel is galvanized to ensure a long lifespan.
  • 4 ground stakes for secure anchoring of the hall.
  • 1 4.0m diagonal front calf model.
  • 2 gate posts with attachments suitable for direct installation on the hall (if protection with plywood sheets is desired, this is ordered separately).

The hall stands on a robust, hot-dip galvanized base structure. Brackets for fork attachments are integrated for easy relocation in the pasture or field. It is a simple but sturdy design based on a high-profile sheet that is galvanized and painted. It works excellently as a windbreak for horses, cattle, sheep, and more, thanks to its shape with straight walls. The hall is manufactured in our workshop in Lidköping and is shipped throughout Sweden.

Our halls come in three color options: red, pine green, and anthracite grey. A standard hall has the following dimensions:

Width 4,4 meters
Length 5,5 meters
Height 3,3 meters

and includes load-bearing beams and one gable end. The hall can be easily extended with our extension section if more square meters are needed; one section provides a 1.3m extension.

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