Båghall Antrachite Grey

3 357.90


Made in sweden

Swedish-made moveable huts with an appealing exterior design that create a spacious, well-lit, and user-friendly area – every square meter can be efficiently utilized thanks to the unique shape of these huts.

These huts are of the freestanding type, meaning no additional frame or structure needs to be assembled. High-profile sheets are securely fastened together, and assembling them typically takes no longer than half a day for two people. We recommend all our customers who keep animals directly in these moveable huts to complement with our protective enclosure package with plywood boards. This is to protect the hall and/or the animals from possible kicks.

The moveable huts are bolted onto a hot-dip galvanized base construction. Integrated fasteners for fork attachments make relocation within the paddock or pasture a breeze. They work excellently as wind shelters or resting areas for horses, cattle, and sheep.

These huts are manufactured in our workshop in Lidköping and can be shipped anywhere in Sweden. Our moveable huts come in three color options: red, green, and anthracite gray.

A standard moveable hut has the following dimensions (including 1 gable end):

Width 4,4 meters
Length 5,5 meters
Height 3,3 meters
Weight 700 kilograms

The moveable huts can easily be extended with our extension sections. Each section represents a 1.3-meter extension and can be installed in either the front or rear position of the hut. There is no limit to the number of extensions per hut, although it will affect the ease of moving the hut.

Please note that our extension sections must be ordered separately.

Packaging is not included.